What we do

Adspread analyzes TV, Radio and Social Media data to detect trends for brands. Adspread also detects billboards and print media.

How it works

Media Monitoring

Adspread systematically monitor's adverts, specific topics, brands across Radio, TV, print and social media

Media Measurement & Analysis

Adspread provides powerful analysis tools to turn information into
actionable intelligence.

Analysis & Reporting

Use our tools to create custom reports complete with charts and graphs to maximize your media intelligence efforts

Data sources


Adspread’s TV broadcast monitoring service automatically monitors network, cable and local TV programs to find what's being said and shown about companies, brands, people and issues. Adspread TV subscription service delivers daily reports via the online platform or through email.


Our radio monitoring service automatically monitors all terrestrial radio stations for adverts and programs and captures trends that concern all industries in the country. Use this as a complete solution to identify, anticipate and instigate trends that drive your business.


Adspread provides Social Media Monitoring to track conversations on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and millions of blogs. You receive customized daily emails and 24/7 access to your own personalized monitoring dashboard with instant access to the latest social feeds.


Adspread, using the latest technology, scans tens of thousands of print publications for your company, products, brands or competitors. Adspread monitors national, regional and local newspapers, trade and consumer magazines, newsletters, business and trade journals, and more

See how well you are performing in real time



Reports like Share of Expenditure, Share of Voice, Cross Media Analysis, GRP and many more can be generated using some of Adspread's tools

Media Measurement Charts
We make it easy to create stunning presentation charts based on the Results in your account. You can even have your saved charts automatically emailed to you.

Automated Email Alerts
You receive a weekly or daily email summary of Results. You can email Results, Charts, Custom Reports and even Spreadsheets right from your account.

Custom Reports for Professional Reporting
Create a Custom Report to distribute your daily or weekly report. Filter out the important Results and have them presented in charts.

Results in Spreadsheet, RSS or PDF
You can export your Results from our system into a Spreadsheet, or as a PDF document. You can export all of your results or just a filtered version of your Results.

Personalized Customer Care
Every client has a committed account manager who they know by name. We will work with you on everything from creating the most effective keywords to customizing email reports and online dashboards.

Overview Analysis & Reporting
If you’re looking for in-depth analysis and reporting, our Overview Analysis & Reporting provides deeper coverage of more topics and trends in a customized weekly report.

Executive Summary Analysis & Reports
When all you need is the big picture informing you of an emerging topic or trend in your industry, our Executive Summary Analysis & Reports provide a daily dose of media intelligence at an affordable price

Discover trending topics & news around your interests
to influence marketing campaigns



We provide dashboards customized for individual customers
  • Compliance
  • Share of Market
  • Share of Expenditure
  • Top Spenders
  • Share of Voice
  • Ad Cluster
  • Compliance
  • Share of Market
  • Share of Revenue
  • Top Spenders
  • Time Band Activity
  • Compliance
  • Advert Vetter
  • Industry Trends


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